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WordPress consulting

WordPress Consulting Services

Are you struggling to get your WordPress blog up and running? Do you spend more time worrying about coding than you do about filling your blog with quality content? Would blogging be more rewarding for you if you had someone to help you? Our WordPress Consulting services can help you break through these barriers and reap the rewards of starting a personal or professional blog. Whether you just need a little help with setting up your blogging software or you need someone to maintain your blog, our WordPress Blog Consulting company can take your blog where you want it to go.

WordPress Software Installation

If you’ve never worked with programming code, properly installing WordPress software can be a little intimidating. Your time is better spent working on new content and promoting your blog. Let us handle the installation of your WordPress platform. We’ll get everything up and running so you can immediately start blogging.

WordPress Hosting

If you want to use WordPress software with your own custom domain name, you’ll need somewhere to host your blog. Researching and comparing dozens of hosting companies takes time that you just don’t have if you want to get up and running quickly. We’ll host your blog for you so that you don’t have to worry about all the technical options. After all, we have over 9 years of experience hosting blogs, and our servers are fully optimized for WordPress.

Custom Blog Design

There are thousands of blog templates available, but you need to build your own brand. If you use the same template as 20 other companies, you’ll have a hard time setting yourself apart. Our WordPress blog consulting services include several professional design options. We can customize a WordPress theme for you or build an original blog design to match your company’s color scheme. We can also incorporate your logo and other graphics into your theme.

WordPress Plugin Installation

WordPress plugins give your blog added functionality so it is more useful for readers. Choosing, downloading and installing plugins can be confusing if you don’t know what you need. Some plugins can even break your blog! Our WordPress consulting services include plugin installation for WordPress blogs. Tell us what you want your blog to do and we’ll find a plugin that meets your needs. We’ll also install it and test it to make sure it works.

WordPress Platform Upgrades

WordPress platform changes regularly, so it’s important to upgrade to the latest software version whenever it becomes available. Updating your software regularly can keep your blog secure and help you avoid technical issues. If you don’t have the time or technical skills to download, install and configure the newest version of WordPress, we can help. We’ll take care of all the details so you can focus on attracting new readers and giving them high-quality content.

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