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Top 5 websites to learn .NET online free

Today there are too many websites are available to learn .NET online. Choosing the right one is difficult for new users. I have listed top 5 websites to learn .NET online free. Check out the websites.

  1. msdn.microsoft.com
    Microsoft is a official Website to learn .NET online. This site has everything to know about .NET. If you know the basics of .NET then this website is more than enough to proceed. This is a must-visit website for .NET advanced learners.
  2. net-informations.com
    net-informations.com is the best website to learn .NET for Beginners. I have learnt lot from this website in my initial stage.
  3. dotnetspider.com
    dotnet spider tutorials look like a ebook. In this context they followed theory oriented approach for .NET Tuorials.
  4. visualbasic.about.com
    about.com had all the topics to learn. Visual BASIC and VB.NET tutorials in about.com are written by experienced developers.  Quality of the tutorials are good.
  5. homeandlearn.co.uk
    This Home and Learn computer course is an introduction to Visual Basic.NET programming for beginners. This course assumes that you have no programming experience whatsoever. It’s a lot easier than you think, and can be a very rewarding hobby!

5 thoughts on “Top 5 websites to learn .NET online free

    • Take one tutorial site like “net-informations.com” and workout samples one by one in your system.

  1. sir i completed MCA and aslo i did .Net course but im nt clear abt all the concepts total confusion in all the topics sir plz help me wat are the tpoics in c#,ASP.net n vb.net plz help i love to learn all the concepts clearly in this technology

  2. HELLO,
    Really very thank you for suggesting the website for .NET study. Can i know that whether there is any online certification exam for the same.

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